Claim Your Beauty

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To claim your beauty means to discover your unique beauty and define it; to live by its principles and exude it in every aspect of your life.

In doing so, you see others differently and notice their authenticity and creativity.

You know yourself on a deeper level and express your true self beyond the reflection in the mirror.


Beauty is whatever makes your heart leap. It’s the feeling of joy and peace experienced concurrently.

Beauty reflects and attracts your core values. It’s when your presence is so authentically you that it says to others, they can be the same.

Beauty is best received when you fully engage in who you are.

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Heart Coherence by HeartMath®

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Heart Coherence is the practical application of inner beauty. It is a state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic harmony. Coherence is supported by renewing emotions and mental stability that builds resilience against internal stress and creates more harmonious outcomes.

When shifting to the state of coherence on demand, you will find an inner sense of beauty and self-esteem that is independent of the world around you. Your renewed alignment will reflect the value you’re creating instead of the image you’re portraying.

By adding heart coherence to everything you do, you will begin to anchor and integrate the essence of what beauty is to you.


You may feel anxious, fearful or uncomfortable as you begin to peer beyond the reflection in the mirror. 

When you experience any of these symptoms of stress, you naturally will want to revert to what feels “normal”. But the “normal” you are drawn to is, in fact, the very thing that produced the need for change.

During your One-On-One or Small Group coaching sessions, you will learn how heart coherence creates structure around your emotions. Emotions are energy in motion with each one carrying vital information for your growth. Creating structure around your emotions allows you to move out of upsetting thoughts and feelings so you can begin to stretch beyond what’s uncomfortable.

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Concierge Hairstyling

The convenience of a traveling hair service is meant to fit into your schedule giving you a sense of ease to your busy life.

But not every day is a “good hair day,” which can create tremendous dis-ease.

 Heart Coherence techniques will be integrated into each visit, where inner beauty can transform any “bad hair day”.

Closet Coherence

Closet Coherence is a head-to-toe program that starts in your heart. The beauty that emerges results in the creation of your new style story.

Your style story is how you express yourself through fashion. It’s a way to be deliberate about who you are becoming and allowing that to shine through your style.

But first, you must undo to redo.

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Guided Meditation

Awaken and align the interconnected system of the heart, mind and body through guided meditation.

With a focus on emotional energetics and active imagination enter into a deeper connection to yourself, reduce stress and create more positive internal experiences.

Each session is thoughtfully created with emphasis on the individual or group intention.

By mixing modalities of rhythmic breathing, mindfulness and HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique learn how to silently change your inner landscape and refine your awareness.

Guided Meditation sessions

In-person: held at Woodley Park Yoga. Contact to reserve your spot.

Individual: for those who prefer a personalized experience.

Small group: (up to 10) for those who want to meditate with friends or family.