With over 15 plus years as a hairstylist, Megan Glover has explored and created different avenues of working with hair and inner beauty. Whether in the salon, teaching, working a photo shoot, or recreating the salon in her client’s home as a Concierge stylist, she brings her professionalism, a multitude of skills, and thoughtful personalization to each client.

Having a fierce intention of understanding inner beauty and integrating it into her services, Megan set out on her own to begin a new journey founding Claim Your Beauty. On the precipice of great transformation, Megan embraced the change that was in front of her and dove into the internal, mental, and spiritual. She leaned into the practice of daily meditation and the study of HeartMath® and has become a teacher of both.

What she discovered is that beauty is not perfectly coiffed hair, a contoured face, or the current on-trend outfit. Beauty is a state of being and it comes from your heart, hence Inner beauty and Self-love. With the renewed sense of self Megan experienced, she was able to reinvent herself and harmonize the elements of her life to be more beneficial for her clients.

People come to Megan to reconnect to their confidence, and because they believe that a personal revision of hair and beauty will empower them. By helping them create a new style story, Megan’s clients experience true self-discovery by merging beauty and spirit.

Black and white photo of Megan Glover