Heart meditation

Awaken, connect and claim your beauty through aligning the interconnected system of the heart, brain and body through guided meditation.

With a focus on emotional energetics and active imagination enter into a deeper connection to yourself, reduce stress and create more positive internal experiences.

By mixing modalities of rhythmic breathing, mindfulness and HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique learn how to silently change your inner landscape and refine your awareness.

Your renewed alignment will reflect the value you’re creating instead of the image you’re portraying. By adding heart coherence to everything you do, you will begin to anchor and integrate the essence of what beauty is to you.

Heart Coherence by HeartMath®

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Heart Coherence is the practical application of inner beauty. It is a state when the heart, brain, and emotions are in energetic harmony.

Through HeartMath’s scientific research, heart-brain coherence is supported by renewing emotions and mental stability that builds resilience against internal stress to create more harmonious outcomes.

When shifting to the state of coherence on demand, you will find an inner sense of beauty and self-esteem that is independent of the world around you.